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November. What a Month.

November is always the month that I find the most challenging to get through. There's so much crammed into one little month. The grazing, the fence-making, the weekly trips to the butcher, the continuous flux from winter to fall and back again. I find all of this transition hard to adapt to. But. We made it through. By golly, we made it through. I'm feeling grateful that we made it through one of the toughest months on record. I feel like we came out on top. We're still healthy, still happy, and I'm ready for another round.

Only a month ago, it was no-coat weather, and our "baby" hens had just started to ramp up their egg production. This made doing the chores much more fun for this little one...

We were still grazing the sheep, for the first couple weeks of November, although it was a big job, as there isn't as much grass out there as I had hoped. As grateful as I was for any days of grazing in November, I was also sort of looking forward to the day it would end, just because of how much work it is.

The nice weather early in the month gave me some time to catch up on building winter digs for the sheep. Electricity isn't the best coyote protection in the winter time, you know?

This was also about the time of that epic wind storm, which took down (literally) the power on our road. We were cozy with a wood-burning cookstove, though.