Honey from our own land, produced in partnership with Apiverte. Raw and delicious, straight from the bees to the jar! Honey will be available starting in late July, with each harvest offering a unique flavour.


You will select whether you'd like to make a deposit at the time of ordering, or pay the full amount at pickup. Making a deposit at the time of ordering helps us manage our costs throughout the growing season. If you choose to make a deposit, we will subtract your deposited amount from your full order total at the time of pickup/delivery, and just your remaining amount will be due at that time.


Honey is available in the following size jars 

300g - $10 each or $100 for 12 jars

500g - $15 each or $150 for 12 jars


You can pick up your honey at the farm, or opt for neighbourhood delivery. Neighbourhood delivery is available in Wakefield, Chelsea, Hull, and central Ottawa. Please note, a $10 delivery fee will be applied.

Raw Honey -Available August 2021