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the Rock's End farmers

The human component of the farm ecosystem: We see it as our responsibility to use our human ingenuity and creativity to steward the land in the best way that we can. What does the science say? We find out. Are we sequestering carbon? We take soil samples, measure the organic matter, look at the health of the plants. What are other farmers doing? We ask them. Are our animals as healthy as they can be? We try to understand. What about the wild animals, the pollinators, the birds? We read, and read some more, and ask questions. We provide what our animals need: feed, water, safety, shelter, others of their kind. We manage our animals, to provide what the soil needs. We manage our farm, to provide what the surrounding ecosystems need: grassland, forest, clean waterways, a conduit for wildlife. We do our best, and then we step back, and we watch nature do what she does best.


The Boss & Main Muscle. 

Erin spends her days moving the animals to fresh pasture, building fences, and fixing the machinery. She is also the one that milks the cows, runs the tractor and decides when it's time to cut the hay. Sometimes this work is accomplished with adorable helpers in tow.


The Support & Gruntwork

Ryan helps with the daily feeding and watering, wrangles the sheep when need be, and provides a great proportion of the sweat equity needed to bring in the hay harvest. As a Professor at uOttawa, he keeps us tapped in to the latest research on climate change and the environmental impacts of our decisions.


The Inspiration.

Our children keep things very real.

They motivate us to do better.

They connect us to our community.

They remind us what really matters. 

And they make it all a whole lot of fun.

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