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Rock's End Farm

Icelandic Sheepskin #2406

Icelandic Sheepskin #2406

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Small-size, grey Icelandic sheepskin. Approximately 29x25".

Full-wool Icelandic sheepskin from our fall lamb harvest.

When you buy a sheepskin online via our website, I will be in touch with you to arrange either shipping or on-farm pickup. 

Sheepskins are wonderful on your favourite cozy place - a favourite chair or on the bed. They are great in strollers, on a wheelchair, or anywhere you spend a lot of time! Sheepskins make a wonderful legacy gift for babies. For newborns: place baby on the skin-side of the sheepskin until they are old enough to have good head and neck control.

Each skin is unique, with gorgeous luxurious wool in all its natural colours. These are farmstead sheepskins processed by a small-scale tannery. There are minor imperfections and unique differences in the shape, size, and wool texture in each skin. They are all gorgeous and will stand the test of time. 

Care Instructions: Keep your skin dry and out of direct sunlight for best longevity. Stains can be spot-washed by hand with a mild soap and then hung to dry. You can keep the wool looking fresh by brushing with a sheepskin brush or any other fine-toothed, flexible bristle brush. Do not put these skins in the washing machine. If the skin gets wet, hang it up to dry thoroughly. 

Shipping/Pickup: Sheepskins can be picked up at the farm or shipped by Canada Post within Canada.

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